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Promises and Reality


The very "green" yard sign slogan being promoted by the UPC Wind Corporation around town says "We Support Clean Safe Power." What's disagreeable about this? Who doesn't like to be supportive? Our mothers all taught us to be clean and safe, and our fathers introduced us to the value of having power.


However, the question is not whether we support clean safe power, which we all do, but whether we support the construction and establishment of a $250,000,000 industrial power plant all over the hills of our Town and a similar but even larger $400,000,000 combined complex of industrial power plants on all the hilltops of our neighbors to the east in the Town of Prattsburgh.


What's been obscured in all the friendly talk we've heard so far is any real discussion about:

  1. Sight - The Size and Scale of the Project

  2. Sound - The Loudness and Noisiness of the Project

  3. Money - The Cost and Revenue of the Project, or

  4. Process - How We Got Where We Are Now

A few other topics may shed some helpful light on the subject too:

  1. Myths - Various Misconceptions about Wind Power

  2. Freedom - What it Means to be Free

  3. Morality - Discerning Right from Wrong

  4. Articles - A List of Informative and Thoughtful Studies

  5. Letters - Correspondence of All Kinds (this function has been taken over by our Updates section)


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In the buttons at the left, we present the two differing yard signs and investigate briefly the claims one of them makes in light of reality. We also go into more detail about each of the discussion topics mentioned above. Please click on each button and browse through the information presented there, then start letting us and others know what you think.


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