Chautauqua US-FWS Report

No reduction in emissions

"We agree that there are serious consequences associated with burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, and we support energy policies which promote renewable sources, such as wind and solar, to provide alternate forms of electricity. However, construction of wind energy facilities will not reduce air pollution emissions at existing power generation facilities. Coal, oil, and nuclear generating facilities must be kept in operation and online to provide the main source of electricity, especially when the wind resources are not turning the turbine blades. The intermittency of wind, coupled with the fact that the times of peak availability of wind resources in a given location may not coincide with the times of peak demand for electricity, makes wind energy less suitable from an energy standpoint."

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
New York Field Office

Click here for the context of this quote. We've also posted (as very large files) the full article by the FWS and a similar companion report by the DEC, both of which primarily addressed the Avian and Bat studies submitted by the developer on behalf of the unsuccessful Chautauqua Wind Project.

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